Welcome To Tiafi Jewellery!

Welcome To Tiafi Jewellery! 

Thanks for visiting our website and reading this blog to find out what we’re all about.

We wanted to share with you how Tiafi Jewellery started and the journey we’ve been on to bring our vision for the brand to life!

We’re Emma-Kate and Dylan, we live the heart of Cardiff, South Wales with our two little ones. If you’ve not had the pleasure of visiting our nation’s capital it’s home of castles, dragons, rugby and song!

It all started over a bottle of wine when we challenged ourselves to develop the idea of connecting jewellery that Emma-Kate had dreamt up whilst in her jewellery studio looking through some old photos of friends.

Having fallen in love with a Welshman and now proudly based in Wales, the name Tiafi (meaning 'You' and "Me' in Welsh) fitted perfectly to with the vision we had for an independent Welsh designer jewellery brand.

At the start of 2020 we set up the business with Emma-Kate focussing on designing the collections, sourcing the best packaging and working with photographers to bring the brand to life. Being perfectionists, it took a year in sampling to get the high standard we wanted for our jewellery pieces.

Whilst I focussed on the product side of the business, Dylan focussed on setting up the company, protecting our idea and developing the digital marketing elements.

Little did we know we’d have a baby and develop a business through a pandemic!

Each piece of Tiafi Jewellery from our collections is individually stunning but our unique concept is that all of our jewellery connects together. It means you can share pieces with your friends and loved ones as beautiful gifts to celebrate special occasions like birthdays, weddings, Christmas or just because you can!

The idea is simple but clever. The raised 'Me' charm connects with the indented 'You' charm so you can each wear a piece of jewellery and hear the ‘click’ when they connect together. We launched with our Friendship Collection but have since launched our Star Collection and we are excited to bring you more in the future.

It’s all in the detail for us. We specifically wanted the colour yellow to shine through in our branding as this is the colour of friendship and daffodils! Even the Tiafi sunshine logo has connecting elements reinforcing the unique ability for the Tiafi Jewellery pieces to connect. 

From design to delivery we strive for only the very best, using timeless craftsmanship and highest quality sustainable materials. All of our orders come with luxury eco packaging, a stunning gift card and a care guide, so they look just as beautiful in the box as they do on you. 

As a family business we want to make people happy, so it's our aim to provide the best customer experience. If you've got a question or you'd like some advice we'd love to help!

View our Tiafi jewellery collections here!